Why Choose the Services of an Orange Beach Concierge?

“When it comes to your special occasion Orange Beach concierges are ready to help,” said John Crammenacher, owner of Orange Beach Catering & Event Center. “We understand that not everyone has a party bus, limo or driver so we have party vehicles that can accommodate an entire guest list for a small fee.” Crammenacher continued, “Just think about it for a minute. If you called Orange Beach and booked a party bus and your friends showed up with a boat, car and several motorcycles, how would they get from the venue to your event without your having to do it all by yourself?”

Orange beach concierges have the most current and innovative ideas when it comes to planning parties. “We have our chefs come up with exciting menus that fit our guests’ lifestyles and budgets,” said Crammenacher. “We have a wide variety of cuisines from gourmet to barbecue that will tickle any palate. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full service event, but your guests are sure to enjoy what you have to offer, why not book an affordable group dinner for all your guests? Many Orange beach concierges are also ready to host corporate events and other large gatherings that require a full staff to ensure everything is ready and running smoothly.

The services offered by Orange beach concierges do not end there. They also serve as wedding planners for those couples who want to plan their weddings on the waterfront of Orange beach Alabama. “This way you don’t have to worry about your guest list,” said Crammenacher. “The concierges can handle everything from picking the date and time for your ceremony to the flowers to photography.”

Planning and hosting an event can sometimes be overwhelming. When the day arrives, you just want to get out there and enjoy yourself. That is where the Orange beach concierges step in. They have expert chefs on hand to create tantalizing menus and desserts. If you are throwing a party or gathering, your Orange beach concierges can take care of everything from choosing the right menu to picking the right beverage to providing personal service to your guests.

In addition to serving as personal servers to your guests, the Orange beach concierges are also trained to cook and prepare fresh, unique Caesar salad for you. Whether your party is small or large, you and your guests will love the taste of the Caesar salad. “I love to prepare this salad so much because it goes well with just about anything,” said Orange Beach chef David Garvin. “It goes great with baby back ribs, fish, and chicken as well.”

Because concierges are trained to plan and execute menus, they can also help you choose the right wines and bartenders for your event. If you are having a barbeque or a poolside cocktail party, you want a bartender who is knowledgeable and talented. The same is true when you are looking for a caterer. Orange Beach concierges can call upon their team of professional chefs to provide you with top quality catering.

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